Over the years, Damen Schelde Marine Services has become an expert in the field of engine pneumatic spare parts. We offer our clients a complete scope of Wabco-Westinghouse valves and repair kits from stock. A senior Service Engineer is available for troubleshooting and repairs. With 70 years experience as an OEM Sulzer engine manufacturer, Damen Schelde Marine Services has full detailed documentation of the entire engine configuration.
We know which repair kits are needed for your Sulzer components. We can recognize the relevant parts fromtheir original Wabco numbers, the Sulzer code numbers or even with the item numbers from the schematic layout. During the years, we have built up an almost complete Wabco Nabco cross-reference list. Even for B&W engine types we have a growing database of its plate-part numbers.

The following brand names or equivalent can be supplied:


  •  Wabco Westinghouse      
  •  Mecman
  •  Rexroth Pneumatics       
  •  Eugen Seitz
  •  Hydraudyne Pneumatics
  •  Herion Pneumatics
  •  Bosch Automation          
  •  Rexroth Hydraulics