A continually increasing scope of spare parts for 4-stroke diesel engines (generators/auxiallery, propulsion) are available from stock. With almost 100% coverage of most wear parts for the popular engine tpes, and with our in-house forwarding department, urgent deliveries can be arranged immediately. For the Daihatsu and Yanmar engine bearings, both white metal and aluminium type are in stock.










Our auxiliary engine supply scope covers the following types:




Yanmar type engine parts suitable for:


  • N21
  • N18
  • EY18










Daihatsu type engine parts suitable for:



 B&W type engine parts suitable for;


  • 16/24
  • 21/31   
  • 23/30(H)
  • 28/32(H)
  • 27/38
  • 32/40

 Sulzer / Wartsila type engine parts suitable for:


  • S20 (U/H/UH)
  • AL (ATL/ASL)
  • L20
  • W26
  • W32
  • W38
  • W46