Cylinder covers of the latest design like MC and RT are reconditioned by machining and rewelding. The complete combustion bowl will be machined out to 3-4 mm above the cooling bores. This guarantees that all cracks are machined out and the combustion bowl is rewerlded to the original dimensions.


Als the landing faces are pre-machined and welded to bring the cover back to ther original new building dimensions. After welding the cover are heat treated in our own oven. They will be heated up to 650C and be kept on this temperature for 4 hrs, then slowly cooled down.


After the heat treatment, te convers are placed on the horizontal boring machine, to re-drill all cooling bores and pockets.


When the cooling bores and pockets are drilled inconel 625 layers are welded around the fuel tip holes to protect this area against the fuel spray.


Combustions face, landing faces and o-ring grooves are machined on the vertical CNC turning table to the original dimensions as specified by the engine builder drawings.


Finally the covers are pressure tested for class an painted to protect them against corrosion.