Maritime Logistics B.V. has his own warehouse located in Flushing. Due to this ideal location between Rotterdam, Antwerp and Ghent and in the reasonable distance of Hamburg, Bremen and Le Havre we can arrange deliveries/ collections to/ from vessels in short notice.
We can offer the following warehouse facilities. * Temporary storage of your goods in our warehouse. * We can check third party shipments if they are conform as you have ordered. * If required we can ensure that your shipping documents will accompany the shipment to the final destination. * Bonded warehouse facilities available. T1 documents can be easily handled by us without any customs clearance costs. * If requested we can provide your goods with new packing materials what are suitable for every destination worldwide we only charge you with costs of the used materials.



Prices based one to one with a fee.

As a starting fee we will charge you an agreed standard percentages above our Nett invoices although special shipments are always individual negotiable with us. As we believe in transparent business we can if requested accompany our invoices to you with the purchase invoices. In case our business will developing substantially we are of course willing to negotiate the agreed percentage.


Prices based on a standard tariff.


Although we are confident that charging our customers one to one based on real (out of the pocket) costs with markup for your overhead, saves a lot of money. We can if requested offer you a standard tariff proposal.
Hopefully we made you enthusiastic for cooperation and that our companies can mean more for each other in the near future. If you have questions about us please do not hesitate to contact us.