As Damen Schelde Marine Services we can honestly say service is not only in the name.

With over 140 years of experience we believe that by doing simple things as keeping your promise, and only do what you can do well we have set a standard within the industry. Now, with all new regulations, transitions and globalization we understand that you are looking for one trusted party to turn to for your supply chain solutions. We even included it in our mission:


DSMS aims to be the most reliable, independent supplier for premium quality marine diesel engine parts. DSMS want’s to unburden the clients completely.


In order to accomplish the above we will exceed clients expectations where service, efficiency and knowing our customer is key and will be put central.

With our wide scope of supply, extensive stock (over 9000 different parts), strategic stock points around the world and our customized solutions such as complete overhaul management of our clients auxiliary engines, we are sure we can be of great assistance to you by saving on your engine spare parts and supply chain, without compromising on quality and service.


As a DNV-GL ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we have a fully integrated quality management system. With our in house quality department, we make sure all parts are quality checked and according all specifications.

In addition, we offer a warranty period of 12 months that can be extended to 18 months when stored first.

Off course, all parts will fully comply with the Marpol Annex VI regulation (full NOx/SOx numbers according to the technical file) and all class relevant spares will be supplied with the relevant certificate.

To further ease the burden of our customers we have a sophisticated ERP system with more than 10000 vessels that keeps track of all engines, turbo and pneumatic systems and allows us to put different executions unique to one certain vessel.

Ensuring the correct supply of items such as atomizers, piston rings, cylinder liners every time.


We are Damen Schelde Marine Services, we do engine spares.